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Cheng Ye co.,ltd.

About Company

ChengYe co.,ltd. is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Chengye Tool Group, hereinafter referred to as “CY”, is a globally leading comprehensive service provider of carbide cutting solutions for milling and tooling systems from design to after-sales, with excellent customer satisfaction.

CY is ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001 certified to ensure health and safety, and maintain service to our customers globally. We are taking a host of precautions to protect colleagues, customers, and business partners.

CY is headquartered in Sichuan province, China.With about 20 years of experience in Carbide Research and Development. CY is now a high-tech offering customer a wide selection of standard catalog items as well as a unique capability to design and produce to handle unusual customer machining requirements, serving 60 countries.

We believe in utilizing the power of strong collaborative relationships, bound by the trust we have earned, to deliver innovative metal-cutting solutions and outstanding service experience for your success.

Customers are always warmly welcomed to visit our company for job-site investigation.

♦ Inventory advantages: We have 3 large-scale mobile warehouses with annual inventory of 1 million. The inventory products can meet 65% of the market demand, and all domestic inventory can be transferred within 5 days.

♦ Market advantages: We have a complete industrial chain, reasonable prices, timely supply, and users can face-to-face experience exchange with tool manufacturers to discuss the confusion and solutions encountered in the use of cutting tools. And customize various non-standard tools from bar production to tool design according to customer needs.

♦ Talent advantage: We have nearly 200 employees, including 80 professional R&D teams, and a sales and service team of more than 100 people.

♦ Industry advantages: Multifunctional composite tools, high-speed and high-efficiency tools will become the mainstream of tool development. Faced with the increasing number of difficult-to-machine materials, the tool industry must improve tool materials, develop new tool materials and more reasonable tool structures. Cemented carbide materials and coating applications is increasing.

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